New Mexico Green Chile

A bowl of New Mexico green chile sauce


In this post we’ll be making a traditional New Mexico green chile sauce and take a look at several recipes that use either use the sauce or that use chopped green chile peppers. New Mexico green chile are called by many names – New Mexico chile, Anaheim pepper, California chile, Hatch, Big Jim, Rio Grande and Sandia – to name a few.  Unlike poblano and jalapeno pepper, this type of chile pepper has a tough skin; therefore, it is best when roasted and peeled. The resulting roasted chile is remarkable!  If you missed my Red or Green? post, check it out to see how chile is roasted.

The whole roasted chile can be stuffed with cheese, dipped in a batter and then fried for chile rellenos.  Once fried, one could smother the rellenos with green chile sauce or red chile sauce if you prefer.  The roasted chiles can also be chopped and used for green chile sauce, green chile stew, salsa, just a bowl of green chile, and many, many more dishes.  Last week I shared with you my red chile sauce, so this week I’m sharing my recipe for New Mexico Green Chile Sauce.

A bowl of New Mexico green chile sauce


Just in case you’re wondering – what is the red ingredient? when looking at the picture – it’s roasted red chile.  When you buy a bushel or bag of chile there are usually a few red chiles as well so the result is roasted Christmas.  It’s makes a pretty sauce, doesn’t it?

Kitchen Notes

Freezing Green Chile Sauce – Green chile sauce can easily be frozen in freezer safe containers and where it keeps well for up to 6 months.

Canning Green Chile Sauce – New Mexico State University provides a detailed process for canning green chile.  Click here for Canning Green Chile Sauce.  (This link is a pdf.)

Green Chile Tomatillo Sauce – This recipe can easily be turned into a Green chile Tomatillo sauce. Just reduce the amount of green chile to 1 cup and add 2 cups of chopped tomatillos.  I usually use tomatillos when the chile I have is really hot or the guests I’m serving can’t handle the heat.  The tomatillos do change the flavor of the sauce “some”, but I love it just as much as a straight green chile sauce!

Is your chile too hot? – When you buy New Mexico chile it is hard to guarantee that, if you buy medium, that it’s going to be medium.  I’ve bought mild before only to find a few hot chiles mixed in.  So if you find your chile to be too hot, here are a few ways to tone it down a bit.  Mix in a few chopped or blended tomatillos, add more onion, add some roasted sweet peppers, or, if it’s just “a bit” too hot, add honey.  When you add the honey, add it 1 tsp. at a time, taste and add more if needed, but stop before it gets too sweet.  I never add more than 1 Tbsp.


Dishes with green chile sauce

A bowl of New Mexico green chile sauce mjskitchen.comCalabacitas Enchiladas

Smother your favorite burrito, enchiladas, stuffed sopapilla, tamale, or rellenos with chile sauce.

Add sauce to soups, stews, a bowl of beans, or posole’.  I love making a pot of pintos or black beans and topping with green chile sauce!

Pour over eggs, cornbread (for a little southern-southwest fusion), chicken, a steak, or pork.

Braise chicken, beef, or pork in a pot of green chile sauce.

Dishes with chopped green chile

More ways to use chopped green chile:

Recipes that use Green Chile

Eggs and potatoes fixed 101 ways

Breads, cornbread (green chile cornbread – YUM!)

Empanadas, meat pies, tacos, tostados, Chile con queso, mole, salsa

The ultimate green chile cheese burger!  If you serve a burger in New Mexico, you better offer it with green chile.

And the list goes on and on and on!


Red and Green New Mexico Chile

More on New Mexico Chiles

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NM Red Chile and Red Chile Recipes

NM Green Chile and Green Chile Recipes

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NM Green Chile Enchiladas

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NM Green Chile Stew

Recipes that use Green Chile

Recipes that use Red Chile

Sources for New Mexico Chile Products


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64 Responses to “New Mexico Green Chile”

  1. Cathy Stanley September 22, 2013 at 3:17 pm #

    I plan to make the green chile sauce with the fresh roasted green chile I just chopped up. I would like to jar it up and pressure cook it to make it shelf stable to send to my son in Oklahoma. Do you have any advice?

    • mj September 22, 2013 at 4:17 pm #

      Cathy, I’ve never canned green chile sauce, but I think if you follow basic canning principles and methods, you should be fine. I would definitely use water and not chicken stock, but other than that, it would be like canning tomatoes and tomato sauce. I would probably reduce the initial cook time since it’s going to cook in the pressure canner (I’m assuming). In other words, just bring the sauce to a boil, pour it into your jars, and then the canner. Sorry I couldn’t give more sound advice. Good luck and have fun!

  2. Carole July 4, 2013 at 9:29 pm #

    Thanks for this “saucy” number, MJ. Cheers


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