Thai Chicken Pasta with Simple Vegetables

Thai chicken pasta with simple vegetables @mjskitchen |

I love Thai food – some really unique flavors and oh so spicy.  So playing with incorporating Thai flavors into my own dishes has been a lot of fun.  For this Thai chicken pasta I took a typical chicken and vegetable pasta dish and added a twist –  Thai red curry paste and fish sauce.  The curry paste provides the heat and that can be controlled by how much paste you use.  We typically go for medium (1/2 tsp. paste), but one of my brothers loves things hot, so 1/2 tsp. isn’t near enough for him.

Like any chicken and vegetable recipe there is a lot of versatility, so be sure to see Kitchen Notes for some ideas.


Kitchen Notes

The chicken – The first time I made this I used leftover roast chicken.  It was great!  Since it was already cooked, I added the chicken when I added the mushrooms.  You can also substitute the chicken with shrimp which also should be added with the mushrooms so they don’t overcook.  OR – if you want to go vegetarian, just leave the chicken out all together.

The vegetables – There is a lot of versatility in the type of mushrooms you use.  Shiitakes and button mushrooms are my favorite.  I’ve also tried it with oyster mushrooms which were good, but a little too delicate and a little pricy.  You can use reconstituted dried mushrooms such as lobster and shitake, or canned straw mushrooms.  These work great in a pinch like when I don’t have fresh mushrooms in the fridge.  Yes – I do keep straw mushrooms in the pantry.

Other vegetables that I’ve used include carrots, celery, spinach and chard.  All work quite well.

The pasta – What’s your favorite?  What’s in the pantry?  The only pasta that I can think of that probably wouldn’t work is angel hair (capellini) and orzo.  I think both would be too delicate for the ingredients and the flavors of the fish sauce and Thai curry paste, plus the orzo is just too small.

Speaking of Thai curry paste…I keep a jar of red curry paste (and green curry paste) in the fridge at all times.  Just a little bit of this paste elevates a very simple dish.  In addition to Thai dishes, I use it in scrambled eggs, simple rice dishes, and soups.  If you can’t find Thai paste at your local grocery store try a specialty market or buy it online.  This paste keeps indefinitely, so it will still be good when you need it.

Don’t forget the last step – Top it off with fresh herbs and lime!

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6 Responses to “Thai Chicken Pasta with Simple Vegetables”

  1. Javelin Warrior July 16, 2012 at 8:50 pm #

    I’ve never used Thai curry paste or fish sauce before, so I’m intrigued as to the flavors in this dish. Of course, I don’t cook Asian cuisine often, but I do love the use of chicken with penne and vegetables, so I’m sure I’d enjoy. Thanks for sharing with Made with Love Mondays and due to the rather esoteric ingredient list for making Thai curry paste from scratch, I’m inclined to treat it the same as ketchup or Worcestershire sauce which are permitted ingredients…

    • mj July 16, 2012 at 9:44 pm #

      Thanks Javelin! Thai curry paste, red and green, are two of my favorite condiments! I don’t think I would ever try making them from scratch since it’s 100 times easier to buy it. The flavors are incredible. You should try it!

  2. Katherine Martinelli March 3, 2012 at 3:52 pm #

    I also love thai food and I am loving this pasta version! Thanks for linking up at my pasta blog hop! Pinned 🙂

  3. Ramona September 30, 2011 at 7:52 pm #

    I love Thai food…. so know I would dig into that plate! : )


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