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Peppered Lemon Chicken Bites and Curried Brussels Sprouts

These Peppered Lemon Chicken Bites are a quick & easy dish and one of our favorites.

Bites of lemon chicken marinated with preserved lemons and pepper. mjskitchen.com

Originally, this post was just going to be just about the Peppered Lemon Chicken Bites, but the Brussels sprouts turned out so good and were the perfect complement for the chicken, that I decided to dish up both. Let’s talk about the chicken first.

In this simple little chicken dish, the chicken is marinated with preserved lemons, garlic oil, pepper and a couple more ingredients.  After marinating, the chicken is cooked on the stovetop or skewered for kabobs and grilled. Both cooking methods yield a cook time of less than 15 minutes.  In the summer we grill them as kabobs, but during colder months, I cook the chicken on the stovetop.  The stovetop version yields chicken pieces that are more moist than the kabobs, plus there is the bonus of a little sauce from the vermouth used to deglazed the skillet. No matter which method used, this peppered lemon chicken is a tasty, quick and easy meal – perfect for the middle of the week.

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Easy Green Beans with Coconut and Persimmon Carpaccio

Complementary sides - easy green beans with persimmon carpaccio mjskitchen.com

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After all of the massive amounts of food and sweets around the holidays and a week of business travel, I need to get back to my lighter and healthier way of eating.  Here’s a healthy light lunch that I threw together with some green beans and a persimmon that I had leftover in the fridge.  Both of these recipes – the easy green beans with coconut and the persimmon carpaccio reinforce the fact that keeping it simple can yield some of the tastiest results.
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Red or Green? New Mexico Chiles

Did you know that New Mexico (NM) is the only state in the U.S. to have an official question and that question is –  “Red or Green?”. Yep – that’s it – “Red or Green?” In NM every New Mexican restaurant asks you “Red or Green?” when you order your meal. If you’re not asked, then it’s not New Mexican food. It’s probably Mexican or Tex-Mex.

New Mexico chile - red and green

New Mexico Chile

So why do waiters ask “Red or green?”? Because New Mexican dishes are typically smothered in a red or green chile sauce. When you order your enchiladas, chile rellenos, huevos rancheros, tamales, stuffed sopapillas, or pretty much anything you order, the next thing you are asked is “Red or green?” – meaning – So you want it smothered in  red chile sauce or green chile sauce. If you can’t decide, you can always order “Christmas” and get both. My standard orders are green with chile rellenos, red with tamales, carne adovada, and huevos, and whatever I feel like at that moment for all other dishes. Continue Reading →

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Asparagus with Pecans

Asparagus with toasted pecans

There are many ways to cook asparagus, but as with most fresh vegetables, simple is best.  In this recipe I combine one of my favorite vegetables – the asparagus – with my favorite nut – the pecan – and add just a touch of seasoning.  Simple and oh so tasty.

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