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Fennel Spiced Ham and Mushroom Pasta

An easy pasta dish with leftover ham, mushroom, greens and spices. mjskitchen.com @MJsKitchen


Let’s talk pasta….About once every two weeks I’ll make a pasta dish.  At times it’s my fallback dish Capellini with Lemon, Garlic and an Egg (quick, easy and delicious), but most of the time I just throw a pasta together using a “little bit of this and little bit of that” from the fridge and pantry.  This fennel spiced pasta with ham and mushrooms was the result of last week’s throw together.

When I made it, I didn’t measure anything because I wasn’t expecting to post it.  However, since it turned out SO good, I thought I would post it as a lead in to how to make a delicious pasta dish without a recipe, using what you have and needs to be used.

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Swiss Chard Calzone

Swiss chard calzone with pine nuts and raisins mjskitchen.com

Calzones can be made with just about anything that you have in the refrigerator.  One of my favorite calzones uses Swiss Chard, raisins, pine nuts, and a little feta cheese.  For the crust, sometimes I’ll use a pie crust and sometimes a pizza crust.  When I feel lazy or just short on time, I’ll use a ready-made pie crust, but when I have time, I like make a thin crust pizza dough.  Below is the recipe for a quick and easy weekday meal; therefore, it calls a ready-made pie crust.   Be sure to read the Kitchen Notes for other filling ideas and ingredient substitutions.


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