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Glazed Carrots with Sage

Glazed carrots with sage


Carrots – what can one say about carrots?  They are good, good for you, cheap, easy to cook, and extremely versatile.  Glazed carrots with sage is one of those carrot dishes that epitomizes all of these characteristics.  It’s SO delicious that it is our favorite carrot dish. It is SO easy to make that whenever I just have 15 minutes to throw a side together, this is my go to recipe. You can also change up the herbs and oils to better meet your tastes and to complement the rest of the meal. However, the recipe below is our favorite version and one that I very seldom change.
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Teas of the Arabian Peninsula

Cook Around the Globe, hosted by German Mama of Arepas to Zwetschgen, invited us to explore the cuisines of the Arabian Peninsula for the month of September. I started out looking at cookies because I thought I would challenge myself and cook up some cookies, something I don’t do (story for another time).  However, one of the cookie recipes mentioned Arabian teas which caught my interest since I have been on a quest for the best of the best in teas for a few years now.

Black Tea with Sage. @MJsKitchen

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