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Easy Salad with Dino Kale, Cara Cara Orange, and Pepitas

Easy, breezy salad with kale, Cara Cara orange, and pepitas (pumpkin seeds) with a light dressing | mjskitchen.com


We’ve been making massaged kale salads for several years now, using whatever fruit is in season – peaches, mango, apples, oranges. All are very tasty, but our favorite is this salad made with dino kale, Cara Cara orange, and pepitas with a light dressing of olive oil, lemon juice and honey.  This salad is crunchy, tart, sweet, and citrusy, and it’s SO EASY to make…20 minutes or less.

It can be served with just about anything or alone as a meal.  We really like it with spicy foods, like red chile enchiladas, because the sweet citrus helps to dampen the burn.  It’s also a wonderful complement with grilled flank steak, smoked chicken or turkey, pork kabobs, and smoked beef tri-tip.  It’s also a nice salad to take to picnics and potlucks because the kale leaves hold up to the dressing for quite a while.

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Posole with Italian Sausage and Kale

Posole with an Italian twist - posole, Italian sausage, tomatoes, Kale and select seasonings | mjskitchen.com #posole #kale #recipe

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Accepting the end of summer is very hard for me, but last week when the night time temperatures dropped into the 40s, I had to relent. Visions of soup started popping into my head and pictures of posole started popping up on the internet.  With every picture my craving for posole increased and finally increased to the point where I succumbed to the craving.  I knew I had some posole in the freezer, so using other ingredients on hand, I threw together this soup which we’ll call a Mexican-Italian fusion of posole, Italian sausage and kale.  I wasn’t quite sure if it was going to work, but it did.  The depth of flavor in this posole keeps going and going and going, and the richness of the soup stock … well, just look at it.  I could drink the stock and make a meal out it.

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Massaged Kale and Sweet Potato Salad

Massaged Kale with Roasted Sweet Potatoes. #recipe #greens @MJsKitchen


A couple of years ago I came across a Massaged Kale Salad by Aarti Sequeira, one of the Food Network Star winners.  It looked interesting so I made it and loved it, and now I make it all of the time.  Ripe, juicy mango combined with fresh kale massaged with olive oil and lemon, then toasted pepitas is such a unique combination.  Since I first made Aarti’s salad, I have been playing around with massaged kale because, personally – I now prefer it over cooked kale.  I’ve made this salad with oranges, apples, oranges and apples, sweet potatoes, and a few other ingredients – some worked, some didn’t.  Sweet potato and yam definitely worked!

This massaged kale and sweet potato salad uses the same dressing and method for massaging the kale as Aarti’s, but the other salad ingredients are  different.  This particular salad can be a meal or a side.  No matter how you serve it, you’ll love it!

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