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Breakfast Chimichanga Smothered in Red Chile

Breakfast Chimichanga filled with either egg and chorizo or egg and black beans, then smothered in NM red chile sauce | mjskitchen.com

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Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then why not embrace it, and treat yourself to a breakfast chimichanga smothered in red chile.  It’s so very hearty, high in protein, and exploding with lots and lots of flavor! When you cut into the crunchy, lightly pan fried tortilla you’ll find the ultimate breakfast ingredient – eggs – wrapped with spicy Mexican chorizo or spicy black beans, whichever you prefer.  To enjoy a multitude of goodness, use each bite to scoop up some red chile with a little bit of the toppings. Now that’s a breakfast! If this doesn’t become a standard for your household, I don’t know what will.

Oh, and did I mention that it’s really easy to make?

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Roasted Vegetables with Mexican Chorizo

Roasted Vegetables and Chorizo - A serious mix of root vegetable are combined with peppers and chorizo then roasted to perfection for a hearty one pot dish. #roasted #vegetables #chorizo mjskitchen.com

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Roasted Vegetables with Mexican Chorizo is a potpourri of root vegetables roasted with onion, peppers and Mexican Chorizo.  It is a relatively easy dish to make but does require a lot of chopping, something that I enjoy doing. Once chopped, the root vegetables are tossed in a bowl with some simple spices and oil, then roasted.  After 20 minutes, the peppers and chorizo are added and the roasting continues until done.  This two-step roast allows the root vegetables to completely cook without overcooking the peppers and chorizo.  And what is the end result? A hearty bowl of goodness.  A complete meal all in one dish.

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Chorizo and Eggplant Skillet Pie

It's like Frito Pie - Chorizo and eggplant topped off with tortilla chips and cheese | mjskitchen.com


This dish was inspired by an eggplant casserole that my mother used to make when I was a kid.  The recipe, in “A Cook’s Tour of Shreveport (1973)” cookbook, is a simple side dish calling for eggplant, onion, bell pepper and olives, sauteed, then topped with bread crumbs and cheese. I loved this dish, but like many of us, I just can’t leave well enough alone. I have been playing around with this recipe over the years making it more than the original.  This Chorizo and Eggplant Skillet Pie is the result.

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Chorizo, Mushroom and Posole (Hominy) Soup

Posole with chorizo is a hearty soup with chorizo, hominy (posole), mushrooms and Swiss chard. mjskitchen.com

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During December and January the Costco in my area usually sells 5 pound bags of fresh posole – corn soaking in slaked lime water.  Every year, I buy a bag, make a couple of posole dishes, then divide the rest into freezer bags and freeze.  One of this year’s dishes was this hearty bowl of Posole with chorizo made with Mexican chorizo, posole (hominy), mushrooms and Swiss chard. It’s a bit lighter than the traditional posole stew made in New Mexico which is mostly posole, pork and red or green chile.  With this soup, the posole is just one of several vegetables and the chorizo is used more to add flavor than to add bulk.

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Homemade Mexican Chorizo Sausage

Mexican Chorizo @MJsKitchen mjskitchen.com


Let’s make some Mexican Chorizo, one of my favorite sausages.  Making my own sausage is something I’ve always wanted to do, but after seeing the process of grinding, stuffing, curing or smoking, I decided to take the easy way out and choose a sausage that doesn’t need any of that. Mexican Chorizo can be made with ground pork bought from your local market, and herbs and spices found in any well-stocked spice cabinet. Because it’s normally used as a bulk sausage, no casing is needed.  I do like to let mine sit in the refrigerator for 1 to 3 days in order to let the seasoning meld with the meat before using it, but that’s not really necessary.  You can use it right away, the next day, 3 days later, or freeze it for another time.

At the end of this post, you’ll find several recipes that use Mexican chorizo. Be sure to check them out.

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Asparagus, Mexican Chorizo, and a Soft-Boiled Egg

Salad of asparagus, chorizo, and soft-boiled egg @MJsKitchen

This asparagus, chorizo and egg salad was inspired by an article in a recent issue of Cook’s Illustrated.  The article was about getting the perfect soft-boiled egg by actually “steaming” it rather than boiling it.  I have now tried the steaming method several times and each time have ended up with “perfect” soft-boiled eggs – cooked whites and creamy yolks. SO good!

Now that I have all of these soft-boiled eggs, what do I do with them all?  The article suggested serving one over steamed asparagus drizzled with olive oil.  I tried it, and it was excellent, but I wanted more. So by adding just a couple more ingredients, I came up with this delicious asparagus, chorizo salad that can be served by itself, as a side, or a starter for a meal.  If you’re vegetarian, just omit the meat.  It’s a great salad with or without the chorizo.  The chorizo adds a spiciness and meatiness that you can’t get otherwise and actually, provides a complete meal for us.  If you can’t find chorizo, you can use bacon.  Who doesn’t love bacon on a salad?!

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Shepherd’s Pie, New Mexico Style

Shepherd's pie with New Mexico Red chile sauce


Several months back one of my nieces posted on her Facebook page a picture of a Shepherd’s Pie she had made.  It looked delicious and made me aware that I had never made one and I’m not sure if I had ever eaten one. Growing up my mother made a lot of casseroles with meat and veggies topped with potatoes, biscuits or cornmeal mush, but I don’t remember anything being called “Shepherd’s Pie”.  Now that I’ve made one, I realize that I’ve been missing out on a delicious little classic.

I’d like to thank Andy of Today’s the Day and Today’s the Day I Cook for giving me that push I needed to make this dish.  Andy is the hostess of the Daring Cooks’ December 2012 challenge. She shared with us a traditional French Canadian classic, the Paté Chinois, also known as Shepherd’s pie, cottage pie, fish pie, St Stephen’s Day pie and even Shepherdless Pie. When Andy stated, “If one dish says comfort food.. this one is it!”, I was hooked.  It’s definitely the season for comfort food, so I accepted the challenge and got to cooking.

I tried to stay as close to the heart of Shepherd’s Pie as I could; however, like most recipes, I had to give it my own personal little twist.  This recipe keeps the traditional layers of meat and potatoes, but between these two layers is a layer of sauteed mushrooms followed by a layer of feta cheese.  The meat mixture is ground beef and Mexican chorizo, corn and a touch of New Mexico red chile sauce. (Bet you didn’t see that coming. 🙂 ).  The result was amazing!  I can’t believe it took me so long to make this dish!
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Red and Green Chile (aka Christmas)

Christmas Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with green chile, Chorizo with red chile. @MJsKitchen

As mentioned in my previous post – Red or Green?, when you want both red and green chile on your order all you have to say is “Christmas”.  Unless you specify, you’ll get green chile on half of your order and red chile on the other half and the placement is arbitrary.  I like to be specific.  My favorite way to have Christmas is to put red chile on one item and green chile on another and that’s how I prepare  my Christmas breakfast.

My Christmas breakfast consists of scrambled eggs topped with chopped green chile, Mexican chorizo and onion with red chile sauce, and a flour tortilla. Sometimes I’ll add a side of black beans topped with, of course, red chile. It’s a simple breakfast, hardy and packed full of protein. Great for any day of the week, any time of the year.

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