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Leeks Braised with Preserved Lemons and Tarragon

Leeks with Preserved Lemons - Leeks lightly braised with preserved lemons and tarragon

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A few weeks ago Bobby and I had an absolutely delicious and memorable dinner at Albuquerque’s Farm & Table restaurant.  I had a seared duck breast with greens and a potato side that consisted of the thinnest sliced potatoes I’d ever seen, seasoned and baked to perfection.  Bobby had the special which was a delicately roasted quail and a side of leeks with preserved lemons.  I tried the leeks early on causing Bobby to have to guard his plate until he finished eating.  They were SO good and I knew I would have to try making them at home. Unfortunately, by the time I got around to buying some leeks it had been a couple of weeks and all I could remember were the preserved lemons.  So I reached for the flavor combination used in one of my favorite breads – Buttermilk Tarragon Lemon Bread.  This wonderful quick bread uses lemon, tarragon and black pepper to provide a unique and unexpected flavor.  The combination transferred beautifully to these braised leeks.

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Green Beans and Potatoes with Deconstructed Pesto

A hearty bowl of green beans and potatoes with pesto


When Bobby and I got married there were two dishes that he had made for himself quite often in college and brought into our kitchen. One was pinto bean burritos and the other was a pot of fresh green beans and potatoes.  Both dishes are still with us today, but both have been gussied up a bit.  To the green beans and potato dish we’ve added a deconstructed pesto to enhance the original salt and pepper seasoning, and sometimes we’ll top it with a protein to make a full meal.  Usually that protein is …….

wait for it, ……..

wait for it…….

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Fennel Infused Onions

Fennel Infused Onions - Layers of onion slices, fennel fronds, and olive oil wrapped in foil or parchment and cooked on the grill or stovetop. @mjsktichen


The things I love about this recipe:

It’s so easy to make and the cleanup is even easier.
It goes with just about anything – meats and vegetables.
It uses some of those fennel fronds leftover once the fennel bulb is gone.
Its versatility allows you to adjust the flavors by replacing the fronds with different herbs.
It can be cooked on the grill or stovetop.
It’s healthy and oh so good.

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Asparagus with Pecans

Asparagus with toasted pecans

There are many ways to cook asparagus, but as with most fresh vegetables, simple is best.  In this recipe I combine one of my favorite vegetables – the asparagus – with my favorite nut – the pecan – and add just a touch of seasoning.  Simple and oh so tasty.

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