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Chorizo, Mushroom and Posole (Hominy) Soup

Posole with chorizo is a hearty soup with chorizo, hominy (posole), mushrooms and Swiss chard. mjskitchen.com

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During December and January the Costco in my area usually sells 5 pound bags of fresh posole – corn soaking in slaked lime water.  Every year, I buy a bag, make a couple of posole dishes, then divide the rest into freezer bags and freeze.  One of this year’s dishes was this hearty bowl of Posole with chorizo made with Mexican chorizo, posole (hominy), mushrooms and Swiss chard. It’s a bit lighter than the traditional posole stew made in New Mexico which is mostly posole, pork and red or green chile.  With this soup, the posole is just one of several vegetables and the chorizo is used more to add flavor than to add bulk.

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