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Easy Salad with Dino Kale, Cara Cara Orange, and Pepitas

Easy, breezy salad with kale, Cara Cara orange, and pepitas (pumpkin seeds) with a light dressing | mjskitchen.com


We’ve been making massaged kale salads for several years now, using whatever fruit is in season – peaches, mango, apples, oranges. All are very tasty, but our favorite is this salad made with dino kale, Cara Cara orange, and pepitas with a light dressing of olive oil, lemon juice and honey.  This salad is crunchy, tart, sweet, and citrusy, and it’s SO EASY to make…20 minutes or less.

It can be served with just about anything or alone as a meal.  We really like it with spicy foods, like red chile enchiladas, because the sweet citrus helps to dampen the burn.  It’s also a wonderful complement with grilled flank steak, smoked chicken or turkey, pork kabobs, and smoked beef tri-tip.  It’s also a nice salad to take to picnics and potlucks because the kale leaves hold up to the dressing for quite a while.

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Sweet and Spicy Pepitas

Sweet and spicy pepitas (pumpkin seeds) #pumpkin #seeds @mjskitchen mjskitchen.com


These Sweet and Spicy Pepitas (pumpkin seeds) are so good and quite addicting!  A batch can disappear as quickly as it can be made and that’s fast!  These make a great snack, but can also be used in a variety of dishes from salads to soups.  Suggestions on different ways to use them are provided in the Kitchen Notes.

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Thanksgiving Granola

A cranberry pecan granola with pumpkin seeds and maple syrup @mjskitchen | mjskitchen.com

When I started making my own granola a couple of years ago this was the first granola I made.  It came together because it was late in the year and I had a freezer full of pecans and huge bag of craisins.  I have to admit that I haven’t made another granola that I enjoy as much as this one.

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Citrus Salad with Toasted Seeds and Maple Dressing

Salad with oranges, olives, and toasted seeds

An easy citrus salad that can be made with whatever orange type citrus you like best or happen to have at the time. We love it when we can find Cara Cara Naval Oranges, but any juicy sweet orange or grapefruit or combination works. A great complement to spicy dishes.

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