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Mama’s Southern Peach Cobbler and The San Pedro River Valley

A traditional southern peach cobbler - quick & easy & delicious #peach #cobbler | mjskitchen.com

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My Mama’s Southern Peach Cobbler is the recipe that, during my lifetime, I’ve eaten more than any other recipe and probably have made it more than any other recipe.  This is a cobbler recipe that has been passed down through the generations in many southern families.  My grandmother passed it down to my mother and then she passed it down to all of her kids.  It’s easy, delicious, and just downright fun to make.  You can use just about any fruit or combination of fruit.  A side of ice cream or whipped cream is a nice finish, and in the case of peach cobbler, ice cream and whiskey sauce is the ultimate Mardi Gras dessert.  I hope you enjoy!

And to all you moms out there – Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!

In addition to peach cobbler, I’m sharing some pictures from the first part of our recent road trip – our time in the San Pedro River Valley.  Click the link to jump to the road trip.

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Peaches with Fried Grits and Pecans

A breakfast of fried grits, sliced peaches, toasted pecans and mint, topped with maple syrup #breakfast #grits #peaches @mjskitchen


Do you find yourself stuck in a rut for breakfast at times, bored with another smoothie or bowl of cereal with fruit?  If so, then I think you’ll find this breakfast – Fried Grits with Peaches and Pecans – quite refreshing. What’s not to love about fresh peaches and grits?  This is a hearty, but light breakfast.  It’s sweet and savory with lots of texture and flavor, and it’s also quite versatile in that you can use just about any fruit you have on hand.  We just really like it with peaches and peaches and grits is a great combo.

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Grilled Meat and Late Summer Vegetable Salad by Nadalyn

Grilled vegetable salad with meat, okra and peaches #grilled #salad #okra @mjskitchen


Due to a kitchen remodel I’ll be without a kitchen for another 2 weeks, so I’ve asked some friends to keep my virtual kitchen going with some of their fabulous recipes. Today I have someone that I have known and loved all of my life – my sister, Nadalyn. This is the sister who inspired me with my Chunky Gazpacho that I posted a while back.  Nadalyn and I have always been very close even though we have lived more than 1000 miles apart most of our lives.  We both have a passion for food (I think that’s a family gene), we love to cook, and have cooked nightly for our families most of our lives.

Grilled vegetable salad with meat, okra and peaches | mjskitchen.com

When Nadalyn accepted my invitation to share a recipe I asked her to do something with okra, something she cooks quite often when she can find it fresh.  I don’t cook okra because neither Bobby nor I like it, but I do know that a lot of my readers like okra, so I wanted to have at least one okra recipe in my kitchen.  I do have to admit, that after seeing her recipe it makes me want to grill up some okra!  So without further ado, here’s my lovely sister.

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