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Spicy Smoked Chicken Tetrazzini

Classic chicken tetrazzini made with smoked chicken and roasted green chile | mjskitchen.com

If you find yourself with leftover chicken or turkey, which we all do at one time or another, then you should make a tetrazzini. It’s such an easy dish to thrown together and is quite versatile.  This particular chicken tetrazzini is made with leftover smoked chicken and a few vegetables.  To give it a little kick, spicy, but not hot, roasted green chile is added.  The roasted chile gives the dish a bit of a spicy bite and is a complementary flavor to the smoked chicken.  We’ll be smoking a turkey on Thanksgiving so I can’t wait to make this with leftover smoked turkey.

Hope you enjoy!

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Pasta with Broccolini, Leeks and Preserved Lemon

A quick, easy, healthy pasta dish with fresh broccoli, leek, herbs and preserved lemon | mjskitchen.com


Looking for a seriously quick pasta dish bursting with flavor?  Here it is!  This Pasta with Broccolini, Leeks and Preserved Lemon is so simple, healthy, tasty, aromatic, and pleasing to the palate that you’ll want to have it every week.  Whenever I see young broccoli or broccolini at the market, I make this dish.  It’s just too easy and too good to pass up.  This past dish has a light sauce consisting of olive oil, water from the pasta pot, and a bit of preserved lemon juice. The ingredients are simple and few, and the pasta can be whatever you have in the pantry.  And if you don’t happen to have a jar of preserved lemons in the refrigerator, you can always make a quick small batch in about 24 hours.  Hope you enjoy!!!

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Stovetop Macaroni and Cheese with Asparagus

Macaroni and Cheese


For some reason my craving for macaroni and cheese has been escalating.  Maybe it’s because of all the wonderful mac & cheese recipes I’ve been seeing online lately.  But the one that pushed me over the edge was Zsuzsa’s stovetop Creamy Macaroni and Cheese.  When I first saw her picture, I knew that was the mac & cheese I wanted to eat.  Her recipe looked fabulous and the video she provided in the post was a great tutorial on how to put all of the components together for a creamy outcome. You definitely need to check it out.

For this recipe I used Zsuzsa’s for the most part, but purely out of habit I ended up making the béchamel (white sauce) the way I normally do. I added a couple of herbs to the dish because I love herbs, and then cut back a bit on the cheese. For the finishing touch and to create a complete meal for Bobby and me, I added my Simply Asparagus dish which you’ll find later in this post. Each plate was served with a serving of macaroni and cheese and about 5 to 6 spears of asparagus.  We cut the asparagus into bite size pieces and ate a piece with each bite of mac & cheese.  It is quite tasty!

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Capellini, Garlic, Lemon and Egg Pasta

Pasta with garlic, lemon, and an egg is a delicious quick & easy dish. #recipe #pasta #preservedlemons @MJsKitchen


I’m sure we all have our ridiculously easy dishes that we can fix on a lazy night in the kitchen or when we dine alone.  This pasta with lemon, garlic and an egg is one of mine.  The most time-consuming part of the process is cooking the pasta but if you use capellini (angel hair), it doesn’t take any time to cook once the water comes to a boil. The veggies can be chopped and sauteed by the time the pasta is done and then it’s just a matter of frying or poaching the egg.

I do use those wonderful preserved lemons I keep in the refrigerator, but if you don’t have any, you can always substitute lemon juice and zest, or even better Meyer Lemon and zest.  See my Kitchen Notes for more substitution ideas.

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Tortellini with Roasted Pepper and Onion

Tortellini with Roasted Pepper and Onion sauce @MJsKitchen

In the fall when red bell peppers are plentiful and cheap, I buy a lot of them. Most get roasted and peeled, then wrapped individually for the freezer.  All winter I used them on pizza, in sandwiches and pasta dishes, and in salads.  The other night in trying to come up with starter for a small dinner party, I found the last two frozen bell peppers buried in the freezer. That lead to the creation of this roasted bell pepper and onion appetizer.  It was a big hit and I will be making it again!

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Pasta Salad for Parties, Potlucks, and Picnics

Orzo, preserved lemon, olives, veggies and pine nuts make the perfect salad for parties, potlucks and picnics. mjskitchen.com

A Lemony Orzo Salad

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This recipe makes a huge bowl of pasta! This salad can be served hot, cold or at room temperature making it a great dish for parties, potlucks, and picnics, or really – just anytime you want it. There’s no meat, mayo, egg or anything to go bad if it sits out for a few hours.

When I make it for the two of us, we usually get two meals and a couple of lunches. Yes – we can make a meal out of it, it’s so good! Bobby eats the leftovers cold. I prefer them warm or at room temperature so I’ll microwave mine for about a minute. Sometimes we’ll add a little more protein to the salad by sauteing a few Creole seasoned shrimp in some butter and serving on top of the pasta.

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Thai Chicken and Vegetables Pasta

Thai chicken and vegetables pasta with simple vegetables @mjskitchen | mjskitchen.com

This Thai chicken and vegetables pasta takes a typical chicken and vegetable pasta dish and adds a twist –  Thai red curry paste and fish sauce.  The curry paste provides the heat which can be controlled by how much paste you use.  I typically go for medium (1/2 tsp. paste), but you could easily make it more spicy by adding 1 tsp. or more.

Like any chicken and vegetable recipe there is a lot of versatility, so be sure to see Kitchen Notes for some ideas.


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