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Chicken Tacos with Green Chile Corn Relish

Tasty chicken tacos with green chile corn relish, olives, cheese and yogurt | mjskitchen.com


With all of the grilled corn we’ve been eating lately, it’s not surprising to find an ear or two leftover in the refrigerator.  It was a couple of those ears and some of last year’s roasted chile that inspired this Green Chile Corn Relish. I was originally just going to use it as a side dish, but then I got a craving for tacos.  That craving resulted in these quick & easy Chicken Tacos.  Adding the relish to the chicken yielded a delightfully delicious taco with a smoky and spicy flavor.

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Refrigerator Chicken and Vegetable Soup

How to make Chicken and Vegetable Soup from what you have in the refrigerator |mjskitchen.com

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Do you ever find a refrigerator full of a little of this and a little of that?  Well, this happens to me 2 to 3 times a month.  Once the refrigerator gets to this point, it’s time to make a pasta or soup.  This week the ingredients screamed SOUP.  This Chicken and Vegetable Soup was made using the last of a roasted chicken from which we had already had two meals, some leftover green beans, and fingerling potatoes, and few other fresh vegetables I had in the fridge.

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A Cold Curry Vegetable Soup

A cold curry vegetable soup made with green summer vegetables and a touch of curry. mjskitchen.com


The other day I was craving a cold soup, but I didn’t have enough ingredients for either of my favorites –  Cold Cucumber Soup and Cold Asparagus Soup. However, I knew I had a little asparagus and half a cucumber and some other “green” vegetables. So I preceded to empty the crispers of anything fresh and green.  Once everything was laid out on the countertop, I saw that I had plenty of ingredients for a cold soup.  Everything that was green or white got chopped and thrown into a pot with a little spicy curry powder. For lunch the next day, Bobby and I had this delicious cold curry vegetable soup!

If you don’t have all of the ingredients listed in the recipe, that’s not a problem.  This cold curry vegetable soup can be made with just about any green or white vegetable.  Be sure to check out the Kitchen Notes for ways to change it up to best fit your tastes and what you have on hand.

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Not My Aunt’s Chicken Pot Pie

Serving of chicken pot pie

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I’ve been tied up for a couple of weeks, so my wonderful sister Nadalyn, has graciously stepped in and made us a chicken pot pie.  Before I turn this over to her, I have to say that this recipe is SO Nadalyn.  I cook meals with a lot of leftovers because I learned not to waste anything from my mother, but Nadalyn – she has taken it to a whole new level.  She is the frugalista of leftovers and this chicken pot pie is a great example.  It’s all yours Babe…

My husband’s aunt and uncle made a living running a diner in a small rural town. They were the sweetest, kindest, most generous couple you ever met. Honestly, I think that was the main reason people ate at their diner, and also the fact that their diner was one of only two sit-down eateries in town. His aunt’s chicken pot pie was her staple. It was the diner’s special every day and the dish she brought to all family gatherings. Unfortunately, we use to say that the closest a chicken got to her pot pie was if one ran past on the road. The dish consisted primarily of a small bag of frozen mixed vegetables in thickened chicken stock covered with a pie crust in a restaurant size baking pan. It was a game among us seeing if anyone would actually find a piece of chicken in their serving of pie. That’s where I got the tongue-in-cheek name for my dish.

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Remember Toas-Tite Sandwiches? They’re back!

Toas-Tite Sandwich and Toas-Tite

Toas-Tite Sandwiches

So who remembers the Toas-Tite sandwich? Who among you grew up eating these little jewels?  I did and I still love them. They are so much fun to eat and just as much fun to “assemble” and cook. You can put anything you want in them – which is something my family did quite well. Here are just a few of the concoctions that we created:

  • Green chile, cheese and onion (shown below)
  • Bologna and cheese, salami and cheese, just cheese
  • Spam and pickles (I liked using sweet pickles)
  • Scrambled eggs and lots of butter, salt and pepper
  • Cinnamon, butter and sugar (my all time favorite)
  • Apple pie – apples, cinnamon, butter, sugar and cheese (another of my favorites)
  • Any leftovers we could find in the fridge – this is where we were the most creative

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