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Pork Kabobs with Tomato Red Chile Jam

Pork kabobs marinated in tomato red chile jam | mjskitchen.com


A few weeks ago you were introduced to my Tomato Red Chile Jam, a sweet, spicy, and savory jam.  There are several ways to use this jam, but one of our favorites is as the marinade for pork kabobs.  If you already have made the jam, the marinade and the pork kabobs are so easy to prepare and grill.  As kabobs, the pork grills relatively quick and can be ready for the table within 45 minutes from applying the marinade.

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Peppered Lemon Chicken Bites and Curried Brussels Sprouts

These Peppered Lemon Chicken Bites are a quick & easy dish and one of our favorites.

Bites of lemon chicken marinated with preserved lemons and pepper. mjskitchen.com

Originally, this post was just going to be just about the Peppered Lemon Chicken Bites, but the Brussels sprouts turned out so good and were the perfect complement for the chicken, that I decided to dish up both. Let’s talk about the chicken first.

In this simple little chicken dish, the chicken is marinated with preserved lemons, garlic oil, pepper and a couple more ingredients.  After marinating, the chicken is cooked on the stovetop or skewered for kabobs and grilled. Both cooking methods yield a cook time of less than 15 minutes.  In the summer we grill them as kabobs, but during colder months, I cook the chicken on the stovetop.  The stovetop version yields chicken pieces that are more moist than the kabobs, plus there is the bonus of a little sauce from the vermouth used to deglazed the skillet. No matter which method used, this peppered lemon chicken is a tasty, quick and easy meal – perfect for the middle of the week.

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Our Favorite Grilled Halibut Recipe

Grilled Halibut-spread with mayo before grilling for a moist fish. mjskitchen.com

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This Grilled Halibut recipe came to being several years ago when Bobby and I spent two glorious weeks on the island of Kauai in the Hawaiian islands. We had a vacation rental on a beach that lead into a live coral reef. Needless to say we spent a lot of time snorkeling and just hanging out. Bobby bought an underwater case for our little point and shoot camera, so he had a blast getting pictures of the coral and the tropical fish.  I just floated around trying to see as much as possible and enjoying the experience of being in an underwater world. It was very surreal.


Coral Reef with tropical fish


Several afternoons we would drive into town, go to the local fish market and buy a couple pieces of fresh fish, usually right off the boat.  Our standard method of grilling the fish was based on a method that Bobby had found in some articles about cooking fish Hawaiian style. The method was to season the fish, then spread both sides with a generous helping of mayonnaise.  It sounded kind of weird, but when in Rome…

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An Old Stand-by for Grilled Chicken

Grilled soy-ginger chicken thighs. mjskitchen.com

Whenever I don’t want to think about what to cook, I just throw together an old stand-by. For chicken – it’s my grilled soy-ginger chicken. It is so easy that you really don’t have to measure anything which is a good thing since I don’t measure anyway. I just throw the ingredients in a large bowl, whisk, add the chicken and toss to coat. The rest is up to Bobby.  See how easy that was for me?

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