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Chocolate Tamales with Port Infused Cherries

Chocolate tamales with port infused cherries and toasted pecans | mjskitchen.com

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When you think of dessert, does “tamale” come to mind?  Well, if not, maybe I can change that with these chocolate tamales with port infused cherries.  Inside of these little corn husk packages are individually sized chocolate cakes, packed with dried cherries that have been re-hydrated in sweet Ruby Port.  The “cakes” or tamales are made with masa (corn flour), cocoa, and a few other choice ingredients.  Served these tamales warm with a small scoop of vanilla bean gelato and you’ll feel like a kid at a birthday party eating chocolate cake and ice cream.

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Raspberry Mole Jam

Raspberry Mole Jam made with spice, red chile and a touch of cocoa. mjskitchen.com


Have you ever had black mole (aka Mole Negro)?  Mole Negro is a dark, rich, spicy sauce that is one of the seven moles of Oaxaca, Mexico. I made it once with great success, but it was a very time consuming and laborious process, so much so that the next time I wanted to make it, I wimped out and bought some from the local Mexican market. My love of mole is what drove me to make this  Raspberry Mole Jam. I wanted a sweet and spicy jam with a little nuttiness, and the richness of a black mole.  For this jam, raspberries are cooked down with a little sugar (less than normal), minced dates, almonds, red chile, chocolate and spice.  You’ll be hooked on the first bite.
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White Chocolate Matcha (Green Tea) Pudding

A silky matcha pudding made with matcha (green tea) and white chocolate mjskitchen.com

I’m determined not to be pinched on St. Patrick’s Day so I cover all the bases by wearing green and posting something green.  Even though this isn’t a traditional St. Patrick’s Day dish, this Chocolate Matcha (Green Tea) Pudding is definitely green.  Along with being green, it’s silky smooth, rich and characteristically matcha.

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Spice it up with Fiery Chocolate Shots

Chocolate shots with ginger, chile, and Baileys Irish Cream #chocolate @mjskitchen mjskitchen.com

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Chocolate shots might not be the best name for this chocolate delight, because “shots” are normally drank all at once, in one shot.  That’s not what you’ll want to do here.  This sweet and spicy, chocolatey beverage is best sipped so you can enjoy all of its goodness several times over.  These Fiery Chocolate Shots are made with chocolate, milk and cream, a bit of ginger, urfa biber chile powder, and Baileys Irish Cream.  A great after dinner delight for date night.

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Chocolate Pot with a Hint of Coffee

Chocolate Pot and Strawberries

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It’s February and what better month to post a chocolate recipe. As a huge chocolate lover, finding this chocolate pot recipe and then getting to test it out several times was heavenly. This chocolate pot is not as light, texturally, as a mousse or chocolate pot de creme which use egg or egg yolks, but it’s still smooth and creamy, rich and delicious and with less fuss.

A few months ago I was the lucky winner of the Green & Black’s Organic Chocolates giveaway from Vianney at Sweet Life. It was a wonderful package as you can see below that consisted of a logo tote bag, Green & Black’s Ultimate Chocolate Recipe cookbook, and 3 bars of chocolate.  Chocolates from Green&Black'sWhen going through the cookbook, I found it quite difficult to decide which recipe I wanted to make first.  There were SO many that I marked.  However, when I came upon the 5-minute Chocolate Pot, I knew that needed to be made as soon as possible.  It’s simply a little pot of chocolate with cream and only takes 10 minute to make. The recipe says 5 minutes, but let’s be realistic.  The hardest part of making this was waiting for it to cool off.  It is meant to be served warm or at room temperature, so the recipe says to let it cool on the counter for an hour before serving.  It actually took a couple of hours. You can serve each serving with a little cup of whipped cream or with nothing at all. Either way it’s a chocolate lover’s dream!
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Mayan Chocolate Iced Coffee


In all of the years that we’ve lived in New Mexico, we’ve never been to Denver, Colorado. We’ve been all over the western half of Colorado, but Denver and the surrounding area has alluded us for some reason.  That all changed last week.  I had a conference in Denver so Bobby arranged his schedule so he could go with me and we do some sightseeing on a couple of afternoons I had off.

One afternoon we drove to Littleton, a small town (suburb) a little southwest of Denver.  It was a quaint little place and the old town area had a few shops that were right up my alley. There were two small antique shops housed in century old homes and around the corner on Main Street were two fabulous spice shops. In one of the antique shops I found this 1930’s recipe book that was written as a promotional for Worcester Salt.  I thought it to be a perfect match for the 1930’s book that my mother-in-law gave me – The Art of Cooking and Serving, a promotional for Crisco.  Both books are a hoot! I’ll be sharing some of the comments and recipes with you in the fall. Just as a teaser, the Worcester Salt book recommends boiling summer squash in salt water for 45 minutes!  Would there be anything one could call squash after 45 minutes?

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Salted Pecan Chocolate Ice Cream

Salted Pecan Chocolate Ice Cream #recipe @MJsKitchen


Do you remember my Salted Pecan Bark from a few weeks ago?  It was SO good, but even I can get too much of a good thing.  So to change things up a bit, I converted the bark recipe into an ice cream recipe.  Oh my!  Another big mistake!  Bobby kept telling me that I had to make one more batch before he was sure that the recipe was perfect. 🙂  As a result I’ve made four batches of this ice cream in the past 2 weeks!  He finished off the fourth batch last night and asked “More please?”.

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Salted Pecan Bark

Salted Chocolate Pecan Bark @MJsKitchen


I love nuts of all kinds, but I have to say that pecans are my absolutely favorite. Up until 3 years ago when my mother sold the family home, all my pecans came from the pecan tree in the backyard of the house in which I grew up.  When I moved to New Mexico, my mother would ship me bags of shelled pecans for Christmas. Yes, I said “shelled” pecans!  On my visits back home, I would raid her freezer which normally had more pecans that she could eat.  It always gave me a thrill to think that I was still eating pecans from the same tree after all of these years!

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