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Grilled Cheese with Urfa Biber Chile

Urfa Biber chile and toasted pinon (pine) nuts make a great grilled cheese sandwich | #grilledcheese #urfabiber


Recently, I read an article about grilled cheese sandwiches and after reading the article I skimmed through the comments where it became quickly apparent that there are a number of people that think it’s sacrilege to add anything to a grilled cheese other than cheese.  Well, I’m not one of them. 🙂  Personally, I find a grilled cheese sandwich with ONLY cheese to be rather boring. However, it doesn’t take much to change that. One or two additional ingredients can take a grilled cheese from boring to downright exciting.  And downright exciting is what you get with this grilled cheese with roasted urfa biber chile and toasted pinon nuts.

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Green Chile Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Green Chile Grilled Cheese: A southwestern grilled cheese with green chile, turkey, avocado |

My friends and family will all tell you that I’m not big on sandwiches; however, I do like grilled sandwiches.  So in honor of National Grilled Cheese month, I’m sharing a Green Chile Grilled Cheese or more appropriately called Green Chile Turkey Enchiladas Grilled Cheese Sandwich, but that name is just a little too long.  There’s also a similar sandwich called Albuquerque Turkey – so lots of inspiration for this sandwich!

If you like green chile chicken or turkey enchiladas, then you’ll love this sandwich! It’s made with New Mexico roasted and chopped green chile, avocado, turkey, and of course – cheese.  How can you not love that?

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Cucumber and Cream Cheese Crostini

A simple cucumber crostini with garlic cream cheese and a touch of chile. #crostini @mjskitchen


Last summer I stopped by a friend’s house to pick some fresh basil (she had tons!), and she served afternoon tea and cucumber sandwiches.  The sandwiches weren’t much more than a slice of cucumber on bread, but they were so refreshing and tasty. These simple sandwiches were the inspiration for the cucumber crostini with cream cheese.

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What’s in Your Quesadilla?

Quesadilla with pico de gallo from

In this kitchen we call it a quesadillas anytime we fold one or more ingredients in a flour tortilla or between two corn tortillas, and heat until brown and crispy. Just about anything can be used to make a quesadilla, but more on that later. All in all quesadillas are so quick and easy to throw together making them perfect for a fast breakfast, lunch or supper – for one person, two people, a family or a party. They can actually be somewhat healthy depending on the ingredients you use, or more importantly – the ingredients you leave out.

So what’s in your quesadillas? Please share with us your favorite quesadilla recipe or provide a link to your favorite.  Following are two of my old stand-by quesadilla recipes.

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Remember Toas-Tite Sandwiches? They’re back!

ToasTite Sandwich and ToasTite

Toas-Tite Sandwiches

So who remembers the Toas-Tite sandwich? Who among you grew up eating these little jewels?  I did and I still love them. They are so much fun to eat and just as much fun to “assemble” and cook. You can put anything you want in them – which is something my family did quite well. Here are just a few of the concoctions that we created:

  • Bologna and cheese, salami and cheese, just cheese
  • Spam and pickles (I liked using sweet pickles)
  • Scrambled eggs and lots of butter, salt and pepper
  • Cinnamon, butter and sugar (my all time favorite)
  • Apple pie – apples, cinnamon, butter, sugar and cheese (another of my favorites)
  • Any leftovers we could find in the fridge – this is where we were the most creative

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