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Time to Cook up a Pot of Pinto Beans

I think those of you who have been visiting MJ’s Kitchen for a while know that I love cooking up dried beans and putting them in all sorts of dishes. You’ve had my black beans and bolita beans, but you haven’t had my pinto beans. In fact, I haven’t had my pinto beans for years […]

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Cooking up a Pot of Black Beans

Why buy canned beans when you can cook your own? It’s cheaper and the beans are SO much tastier! Here is my method for pressure cooking black beans.

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Spicy Bean Salad

A simple salad made with spicy bolita (or pinto) beans, avocado and other tasty ingredients. A total meal in itself. Recipe for Spicy Bolita Beans included.

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Red Beans and Rice with Tasso

Tasso is a highly seasoned pork from Louisiana that is very similar to New Mexico’s carne adovada. The main differences are the seasoning and that tasso is smoked rather than braised. This Red Beans and Rice recipe uses tasso instead of andouille for a spicy, meaty, and hearty dish. To learn more about tasso and […]

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Savory Navy Beans with a Touch of Heat

  When it comes to white beans, navy beans are our favorite.  In comparison to the Great Northern and Cannellini, navy beans cook faster, have a creamier texture (IMO), and work with a lot of different flavors. Navy beans are normally used in baked beans, but for this recipe, I went for a more savory […]

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Beans and Rice with Sausage – An Easy One Pot Meal

Beans and Rice is one of those meals that can be time-consuming and dirty up a lot of dishes, or it can be quick and easy. This Beans and Rice recipe made with pinto beans and sausage is quick and easy to make, delicious and a quick cleanup. You can change it up every time […]

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Black Bean Mole

The first time I tasted Oaxacan Black Molé (Molé Negro) was about 30 years ago when I had the privilege of eating Molé Negro Chicken made by a Oaxacan immigrant. Each bite produced a flavor sensation that I still relish to this day. Years later I found a recipe for Oaxacan Black Molé in Diana […]

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One Pot Meal – Navy Beans, Green Chile, and Corn

  It’s green chile time here in New Mexico!!!!  They have started picking chile in Hatch and other parts of southern New Mexico, and soon to be picking further north.  So to celebrate the season, I’m partnering with The Hatch Chile Store to bring you a new recipe that uses a generous amount of roasted […]

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Fajita Style Bean Burritos with Red Chile

Back in a 2013 post I mentioned there were two dishes that Bobby brought into our kitchen from his college days that have remained dinner staples for over 40 years. One was a green bean and potato dish and the other was the pinto bean burrito. Of course both have been enhanced over the years, […]

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